Leadership Tenders: Get Ahead of the Curve with Consultancy Tenders

Published1st June 2022 AuthorJohn Hudson

Here’s how you can get ahead by finding leadership tenders quickly and efficiently!

So, you’re likely here because you have questions about leadership tenders. Perhaps you want to know what they are, where to find them, and who can help you win. The good news is that you’re in the right place. We will be covering all that in this blog! So, keep reading if you want to learn more about leadership tenders.

What are leadership tenders?

Let’s start with the basics for those who may be unfamiliar. Leadership tenders can be a contract in any sector that requires the advice and consultancy of an expert. For example, a company may have a team of leaders that are not well experienced. They will benefit greatly from the support of an expert with relevant experience.

Leadership tenders may be for training courses to give individuals and teams the confidence and skills they need. It can be especially beneficial to those going into job roles that require team management.

Where can you quickly find leadership tenders?

Most of us always turn to search engines such as Google to quickly find the answers to our questions. When you look for leadership tenders manually, you’ll be met with countless results. These sites will all feature contracts differently. Most will likely just have a link to download lengthy tender documents. You’ll have to read the entire thing to find specific information, all to check if you are eligible. This can quickly become tedious and will take hours of your time. For many business owners, this isn’t an option as it is hard enough managing a business. Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you to streamline the process of finding tenders.

Consultancy Tenders

There are many services out there, known as tender portals, which feature several contracts all in one place. Consultancy Tenders is one of Hudson Discover’s 11 sector-specific portals. What makes Consultancy Tenders different is that we don’t use CPV codes when searching for tenders. Our Opportunity Trackers manually find and upload all tenders. This means there is no risk of missing a tender due to an error in the code. It would be frustrating to miss out on the perfect tender for your business purely because of this!

With the Consultancy Tenders portal, you can use filters to see contracts based on keywords, location, and budget. You’ll also be able to easily see the deadline for the tender submissions. We also send out tender notifications daily to keep all our users up to date with new opportunities.

Want to save even more time looking for leadership tenders? Try Discover Elite

If you want to streamline the process even further, you can sign up to Discover Elite via your chosen portal. With this service, a dedicated Account Manager will find live bids on your behalf. They’ll speak with you weekly to discuss opportunities that may interest you. This is especially helpful for those with little time to spare due to busy schedules.

Upgrading to Discover Elite will ensure you never miss a tendering opportunity even when you’re busy!

The Ultimate Time-Saving Tool offers your business:

  • An annual subscription to a maximum of two Discover portalsof your choice.
  • Up to five bid breakdowns per month to help you make your bid or no-bid
  • Weekly phone calls with your Account Manager to discuss viable leads and tendering opportunities.
  • Award and pre-market engagement notices monitored on your behalf.
  • Public and private buyer portal management including registering, password management, downloading documents and assessing viability based on your bid strategy.

Examples of leadership tenders found on our portal

Below are just a few examples of the kind of tenders you can find out our portal!

Leadership Development Support – A887

Swale Borough Council – South East – Budget: £25,000

Leadership Programme

Scottish Police Authority – Scotland – Budget: £750,000

Leadership Academy 2022

Improvement and Development Agency – London – Budget: £350,000

Leadership Framework – Health Inequalities

NHS England – Yorkshire and Humber – Budget: £40,000

Framework for RNA Centre of Excellence Supply Chain and Training Manager Consultancy

Centre For Process Innovation Limited – North East – Budget: £213,477


Here’s a summary of what we covered in our blog on leadership tenders.

Leadership tenders are contracts that involve services such as offering training and consultancy support. They can be especially beneficial to those in leadership job roles that lack the required skills and confidence.

To find leadership tenders, you can use tender portals such as Consultancy Tenders. This portal is unique because there is no reliance on CPV codes to find opportunities. Therefore, there’s no risk of missing the perfect tender for your business.

Still got questions about leadership tenders? Why not contact us to speak to our experts? We are always happy to help!

Need help writing your next tender?

If you don’t have the resources or time to write a winning bid, why not outsource it? Our sister company, Hudson Succeed, boasts an 87% success rate and have over 60 years of collective bidding experience. They offer four bid writing support packages to help you on the path to success. Whether you’re new to tendering, or simply need someone to proof your written response before you submit – we can help.

Tender Ready

Our Tender Ready programme is designed for those who have never tendered before. This 4-week programme works with you to ensure you have everything in place to tender successfully.

Tender Improvement

Tender Improvement can help if you’re already tendering but aren’t seeing success from your current efforts. Our Bid Writers will assess your previous submissions and supporting documents. They’ll give you feedback and guidance on how to improve, helping you to secure your next tenders.

Tender Mentor

If you’ve written a tender and need someone to proofread it – Tender Mentor is for you. A Bid Writer will double-check it’s in line with the specification and free of any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Tender Writing

If you’ve found the perfect tender but don’t know where to start – we can help. Send the specification over to us and our Bid Team will do the rest. They’ll let you know what they need from you and provide you with a full breakdown. They’ll even submit it on your behalf, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Get in touch to find out more information.

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