Below are a selection of Consultancy Tenders FAQ’s. Click on the heading to read more about that FAQ.

What’s included in the subscription fee?

You will be given access to an online system, which you can update at any time with keywords, locations and budgets of tenders you want to see.  This site is updated daily with new opportunities so it’s important you keep checking so nothing is missed.  You will also be assigned an account manager, who can work with you as little or as much as you want, some account managers are constantly informing clients of suitable opportunities to bid for, whilst others prefer to use the system alone.  We’re happy to help in whatever format works best for you.

How long is the contract for?

Your initial contract is for 12 months, after that you can cancel at any point with 30 days notice.

Who decides what tenders are relevant to my company?

The system automatically showcases tenders based on your preferences.  Every member of the system has a dedicated account manager, if your account manager feels you are missing an opportunity because you’ve not registered an interest they will call and inform you of this and help you change your system preferences if needed.

How do you secure private sector opportunities?

Annually, we cold call hundreds of thousands of businesses, to build relationships with business owners and purchasing managers.  This ensures we are building brand awareness of being a viable option for sourcing new suppliers.  We also have a full marketing team proactively marketing Tender Connect to key buyers.

Do I need this system? I’ve already got a business development manager.

Your business development manager will either have to sign up to hundreds of tenders sites and sift through them weekly to make sure tenders are not missed. Or they will have to sign up to another tender site where they are required extensive knowledge of CPV codes to get the best from the systems they use.  These systems have thousands of tenders presented from all UK wide industries.  Opportunities will be missed.

Your Business Development Manager can then free up time to work on proactive business development.

Lastly, it is important to understand that we will help your business development team we won’t compete with them.

What is the payment method used?

Consultancy Tenders takes payment by the card provided to us, monthly or annually in advance from the date you signed up to the system.  If a payment is missed, access to the system is temporally blocked until a new payment method has been inputted.

Can I get a copy invoice for my records?

Yes, absolutely, you can access your invoices from the ‘payment’ section of your  Consultancy Tenders login/system access.

What is the difference between Consultancy Tenders and every other system on the market?

We have been developed specifically for the Consultancy sector, meaning you don’t have to search through hundreds if not thousands of irrelevant tenders to find suitable opportunities for your business, saving time and money.

One of our biggest selling points is the proactive opportunities we post, that you will not find on any other tender website in the country.  If you have a business development team who are new to selling, they will not need to understand CPV codes to use our system.

Our dedicated account managers will look after you, get to know your business, what you are trying to achieve, and ensure you do not miss any opportunities you may wish to go for. We are an extra resource to your sales team.

How many opportunities can I expect to see per week?

This depends on demand, but we will work hard to ensure you see new proactive and reactive opportunities every week that are relevant to your business.

How will the opportunities be sent to me?

We’re different in respect that we don’t send you hundreds of emails that you’ll get fed up with overtime. To maximise the use of our system, we propose that you login to the system and check at leach once per week to ensure you are not missing anything. Likewise, your dedicated account manager will do the same.

What is your customer care policy?

All customers are given a landline number to contact us Monday-Friday 9-5 and a support email is available 7 days per week 9-5pm to answer any queries. A representative will talk you through the set up process if you feel you need support here.

Hudson Discover FAQs

Below is a selection of FAQs for Hudson Discover. Click on the heading to read more about that FAQ.

How much does it cost to advertise a project on your platform?

Nothing, it is completely free of charge, for unlimited posts.

I’m not sure what my exact requirements are - can you help?

Yes, absolutely, we can help you define a specification of your requirements, and help you define your purchasing plan so that you are only purchasing solutions that will make a big impact on your business. This is also free of charge.

Can you organise a select number of meetings with a varied number of firms for me to attend?

Yes, we can source these from our database, based on your requirements and our knowledge of our subscribers. This is also free of charge.

Can I speak with someone direct about my project before I post it?

Yes, absolutely. Please speak with Marie Fisher on 0203 051 2217


We are here to solve your sales and business development problems. Are you looking for more business but struggling to win tenders? Or are you struggling to find relevant tenders to bid for? We are here to help.

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