The 3 Most Common Types of E-learning Tenders

Published18th May 2022 AuthorJohn Hudson

As a direct result of Covid-19, there has been a 33% increase in the demand for E-Learning services since 2019

By 2025, the e-learning industry is expected to grow in the UK by £8 billion. Getting ahead of this and increasing your opportunities now will put you in a better position for the future.

So, if you are looking for e-learning tenders, then finding the right type for you is a good starting point.

In this blog, we take a look at the three most common types of e-learning there is. Looking at what is involved with these types, so you can see what best suits you.

Looking back on the past two years, you will see there was a dramatic shift in the way people learn. This is because the Covid-19 pandemic brought about an unexpected change.

People had to adapt to a new way of learning, which created the need for e-learning platforms. As a result of this, e-learning tenders have also been on the rise. The new way of learning is here to stay. Now, more than ever, companies are looking for their own e-learning systems. You need to decide where you fit into this.

The 3 most common types of e-learning tenders are:

  1. Fixed e-learning tenders

Fixed e-learning is a structured system that doesn’t change. This means it is not adaptable to fit each user’s needs. It won’t change and will only be used for one purpose. E-learning tenders for this type of system will usually involve educational facilities or libraries. For example, a school could need an e-learning service that students can use to access reading materials. The content on the system won’t change, and its purpose is for one thing only. For students to search and read the content.

  1. Adaptive e-learning tenders

Quite literally, the e-learning platform ‘adapts’ to suit each user and their needs. There will be algorithms involved that will learn how the user interacts with the e-learning, adjusting the content to suit. This could be down to the way they use search terms or their learning abilities.

  1. Interactive and collaborative e-learning tenders

Much like adaptive e-learning, but with added communication systems. For example, a facility may require an e-learning system that allows them to give feedback or arrange virtual meetings. There could also be a need for a student forum, or an interactive grading system.

A good example of this type of e-learning is Kahoot. It is an interactive e-learning system that peers can use together.

Let’s summarise

These are the three most common types of e-learning tenders that you will find:

  1. Fixed e-learning
  2. Adaptive e-learning
  3. Interactive and collaborative e-learning.

Understanding the common types of e-learning that go out to tender puts you in a better position to win tenders. You know what your e-learning services can do, therefore, you can ensure this is thoroughly explained to the buyer.

Buyers will want to see how your e-learning platform will benefit them. You may also find that your e-learning services can be used for each of the different types of tenders. If so, use this to your advantage. Show the buyer how your e-learning works and what makes it stand out from the others. 

How to find e-learning tenders?

With Consultancy Tenders, we can help you find new e-learning tenders to bid for.

Consultancy Tenders streamlines the tendering process to save you valuable time when searching for e-learning tenders. You can tailor your search to suit your business needs. Therefore, you will only see tenders specific to you and your business.

Below are five past examples of e-learning tenders we’ve sourced on our portal:

GBC – Provision of IOSH E-learning Courses

Guildford Borough Council – South East – £6k

Provision of E-learning for SystmOne & EMIS Web Tender for NHS

NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit – East Midlands – £85k

Developing Communication & Leadership Skills for NHS Employees

Health Education England – Yorkshire – £450k

Provision of Online Learning Content

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – London – £1.5million

Remote Rural Learning Service

Kent County Council – South East – £ 4,950,000

7 reasons why our clients choose Consultancy Tenders:

  1. You can locate public and private sector opportunities in one central portal.
  2. You will receive daily updates of new tenders, directly to your inbox.
  3. Filter your search using relevant keywords, budgets, locations, and more. Then, you will see all the tenders that are specific for your needs.
  4. Access to your own Account Manager, who’ll answer any queries you have.
  5. Your dashboard will automatically filter tenders to show you relevant opportunities.
  6. We manually track opportunities from hundreds of sources daily.
  7. We host exclusive tenders that will not be posted on any other site.

Find out more about Consultancy Tenders and how it can work for you by booking  a free, live demo today.

Want to save even more time in your search for e-learning tenders?

We know how much admin is required to source tenders and break down the documents. Why not let us help?

We can take the stress out of this process with our timesaving, bespoke service, Discover Elite.

With Discover Elite, your dedicated Account Manager will get to know you and your business’ needs. They will then track and send through opportunities that we think will be perfect for your business.

What’s included in the subscription?

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will work with you and support you in your search for new opportunities.
  • Five or seven tender breakdowns per month – depending on the package you choose.
  • Weekly phone calls with your Account Manager, to discuss viable tendering opportunities.
  • All the pre-bid admin is taken care of. Your Account Manager will download the tender documents for you and manage the buyer’s portal.
  • An annual subscription to up to two Hudson Discover portals. This is ideal for your business if your services cross over into other sectors.
  • Award and pre-engagement notice information.

For more information about Discover Elite, contact us today!

Need assistance with writing e-learning tenders?

Outsourcing to tender writing specialists can help you secure your next e-learning tender.

Our sister company, Hudson Succeed, provides four levels of bid writing support services.

Our Bid Writers have over 60 years of collective bid writing experience and an 87% success rate. Whether you’re new to tendering or need your response proofread before you submit – we can help. 

Tender Writing

Have you found the perfect tender for your business but are struggling to complete the responses? Send it over to our Bid Writing Team and they can write the whole response for you. If you use our Tender Writing service, they’ll even submit it on your behalf!

Tender Ready

Tender Ready is the perfect programme for those who are completely new to tendering. You’ll have access to an expert Bid Consultant to answer any questions that you may have and advising you on tenders you should be bidding on.  You’ll also get a year’s subscription to our Consultancy Tenders portal.

Tender Improvement

If you have already been applying for tenders but aren’t seeing success, our Tender Improvement package can help. Our Bid Writers will review your previous submissions and provide feedback and guidance.

Tender Mentor  

Our Bid Writers can analyse a bid response you’ve already written, checking it for errors before you submit. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes to go over your response and our Tender Mentor service can help.

Get in touch with one of our consultants to see how we can support you with your next e-learning tender.

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